Case Study: Health Innovation Hackathon Winning Project

From left to right: Dr. Jonah Marek (General Physician), Aqeela Somani (Business Developer), me, Judy Chang (Front-End Developer).

Understanding The Problem

  • Patients range across all ages and ethnicities, however, the majority of patients in the medical system are elderly.
  • Patients frequently have physical and cognitive disabilities. What is also overlooked is the alarmingly high rate of depression and anxiety in patients that need extended care.
  • Hospital staff are generally already overwhelmed with their medical responsibilities and do not have much time to socially visit the patients or to host extracurricular activities even though they would love to.
ExperifyHealth User Personas

Product Vision and Solution

Refining the “Vision” to a Workable Solution

The final wireframe before directly working on Prototype

UX Design Guidelines

  • Large fonts, buttons
  • High contrast colour for visual support
  • Considerable spacing
  • Minimum text input
  • Limited complexity
  • Minimized number of steps for patients
  • Minimum animations





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